Kelly Rae LeGault is a SAG-E actress and model based out of New York City. A Theatre student of Northern Michigan University,  
she quickly found herself in roles on the main stage, but felt more at home in the Black Box doing experimental, underground work. This work in the Black Box was the foundation for who she is as a performer today. After moving to New York and focusing on dark/alternative projects that explored the edgy complexity of women characters, she had a fateful meeting with film director Jeremiah Kipp, and an immediate partnership was formed. 

Since then, she has become a staple in the tri-state independent horror community, with projects including seasons 1 and 2 of the “In Fear Of” webseries, short films “The Days God Slept”, “Baggage”, “Painkiller”, and the upcoming horror feature “Black Wake”. She recently got upgraded to a principal role in the upcoming feature film "John Wick: Chapter 2", which is due February 2017 from Lionsgate. In addition to film, she also does editorial and e-commerce modeling. The weirder the better!